1994 - 1/9

Acorn Action
The Ultimate Acorn Games Magazine

Acorn Action was launched in mid-1994 as a glossy A4-sized full-colour magazine. It was published by 32-bit Action, a subsidiary of BEEBUG Ltd, and was edited by Sam Greenhill.

The first issue of Acorn Action was dated July/August 1994, but was preceded by the Acorn Action Games Guide, a small 'sampler' version of the magazine.

Acorn Action was a valiant attempt to boost the Acorn games market, which appeared to be picking up in 1994. Unfortunately the market was too small and the magazine was not a commercial success, and was cancelled almost immediately. Work on the second issue was started but did not progress very far; a single article was produced for issue 2, and is published here for the first time in HTML format.