1996/1997 - 7/7 : COMPLETA

With the release of issue 7, the complete set of Maximum (issues 1-7) has now been digitised over at Out-of-Print Archive. The underrated (commercially, at least) multi-format magazine was published by EMAP from 1996 to 1997, was edited by Richard Leadbetter and covered the 32-bit era: Saturn, PlayStation, Neo Geo CD, Arcade, PC and 3D0.

With superb production values and incredible in-depth coverage of the top games (from six to 12 pages), Maximum was perhaps its own worst enemy. Because of these high standards set, deadlines couldn’t be met and issues would often be late, displeasing the suits in charge of EMAP. Also, matters weren’t helped with the revival of stable mate multi-format magazineC&VG, courtesy of Paul Davies and his able crew. The mid/late 90s was also a time when EMAP, the once great gaming magazine publisher of the UK, was moving away from the gaming scene, closing down or selling off under performing titles.

If you have never read or even heard of Maximum then now is the perfect time to catch up on a piece of forgotten gaming mag history. Issues 1-7 in all their re-mastered glory, courtesy of meppi, can be found at Out-of-Print Archive, with each release accompanied with four online articles (previews of the better articles from within the magazine). Check out the online articles, read up on the contents, download the full magazine release and enjoy.

Weblink: Maximum magazine catalogue