1992/1997 - 4/53

Mean Machines Sega was a monthly Sega magazine that ran for over 50 issues and over four years, won two Magazine of the Year awards, and covered a variety of Sega consoles, including the Mega Drive (and its Mega-CD and 32X add-ons), Master System, Game Gear, and even the Saturn.

For the first few issues, it originally covered three consoles: Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear. But less than a year later, it started covering the Mega-CD, eventually adding it up to four, then five for 32X.

When the Sega Saturn finally hit UK shops, the magazine, like Sega, later on became fully focused on the soon-to-be-underrated console rather than the other consoles. Despite this, Mega Drive coverage continued through the rest of the magazine's lifespan as it was still supported in the UK until 1998. At its March 1997 issue, MMS folded when it was merged with its successor, Sega Saturn Magazine (formerlySega Magazine).