1997/2001 - 9/59

N64 Magazine was a British magazine whose subject-matter concerned the Nintendo 64, upon launching in April 1997. The magazine underwent a change of name pursuant to the imminent launch of the Nintendo Gamecube, assuming the titleNGC Magazine in the sixtieth issue in order to reflect the change in principal subject-matter.

N64 Magazine is deemed the successor to Super Play, from which it sourced myriad talents and features. The successor toNGC Magazine was NGamer, which developed into Nintendo Gamer in its seventieth issue.



Jonathan Davies: Issues 1-12
James Ashton: Issues 13-27
Tim Weaver: Issues 28-41, 60-72
Andrea Ball: Issues 42-56
Mark Green: Issues 57-59
Jes Bickham: Issues 73-84
Marcus Hawkins: Issues 85-103
Tom East: Issues 104-116
Martin Kitts: Issues 117-120