1990/1991 - 6/12

Raze was a multi-format videogame magazine published by Newsfield Publications from October 1990 to September 1991 and was the successor to Newsfield’s own multi-format title The Games Machine. The editorial work for Raze was contracted out to Words Works Limited, which was head by Richard Monteiro. The magazine itself was planned to be replaced after its initial 12-month run with two separate titles that would concentrate on the Sega and Nintendo consoles (Sega Force and Nintendo Force), however, those plans were put on hold when Newsfield entered liquidation in 1991. Content of Raze covered the 16-bit computer and console machines, with news on US and Japanese videogaming.

Roger Kean, co-owner of Newsfield Publications, granted the magazine preservation project, Out-of-Print Archive, permission to scan, edit and release the back issues of Raze.